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In the beginning...

Well, every journey starts with imagining, with dreaming about a new possibility, with telling a new story, and a company's story is no different. Our company most definitively started in our imagination... and we are the catalysts of this story; we aim to inspire!



l'Emile et Son was officially established in 2010 and is the physical expression of a common philosophy... one that envisions a less cluttered lifestyle

We are

 l'Emile et Son was an incubation, a dream and a wish that germinated organically.
The symbol of the dandelion came to us through a wonderful design, and is it not by chance that it actually encapsulates exactly what we are about.


Our passions and thoughts

Our passions and thoughts translate into the notion that all goods consumed in any given lifestyle should be chosen because their very essence is distinguished by design, and that the act of purchasing can and should be presented in an inspired, knowledgeable and approachable manner. This concept is defined by l'Emile et Son as E3....


The product and design has to ENTHUSE. The design and function of the product has to make us want to EXPLORE it, and then motivate us to EXPERIENCE it. This so much so, that the product is almost seen as an objet d'art. Something to treasure. Our focus is on eco-design – a worldwide trend which re-evaluates the way products are made, and the impact that the products have on the earth, with no compromise in quality and multifunctional, awesome design.

Concept Design House

l'Emile et Son's is a concept design house which connects all the greatest aspects of what we see as inspiring design. This cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment, and these are our trademarks. A celebration of the enquiring mind is the symbol and ethos of this business, and the products are an expression of this a characteristic. By our personal nature we feel the need to encourage individuals to add substance to their lives by exploring design and being enthused by what it can provide, and experiencing the notion that design is not static. Design lives and breathes as we do; it is an inextricable part of our very being, in every facet of our lives.


Our intention is to create the space to explore this world of design and our carefully sourced products will have the aim to inspire people through a positive experience free of boundaries and, in essence, design a space that is filled and surrounded by refreshing breezes of joy. It's a new way of thinking. Less is more, and design choices that reflect that ethos will be lected in our space.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide new and exciting products in an environment that is accessible, uncluttered and inspiring for the customer. Customer relationships and service is our #1 priority.

Steve Jobs once said: "design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works."